Experiencing a Traditional Cajun Combo Dish at Juicy Seafood, Antioch

Cajun Combo Dish in Antioch

Experiencing Cajun cuisine is one thing. Experiencing it at one of the finest seafood restaurants is another. At Juicy Seafood, a traditional Cajun combo dish in Antioch makes for a joyride through the wildest stretch of flavors.

Experiencing Cajun the Juicy Way

A combo of black mussel, headless shrimps and snow crabs is one of the highlights at Juicy Seafood. The sea-like smell and garlicky tang of the mussel combined with the appealing texture of shrimp and the firm, fibrous feel of the snow crab make for an experience that is candidly Cajun.

Juicy chefs pay special attention to seasoning as it is at the core of Cajun seafood. The seasoning is a spine-tingling concoction of garlic, onion and seasoning salt. A smattering of oregano and thyme lends a punchy herbal feel, thereby heightening the flavor profile.

Everything at Juicy comes with a twist. The Cajun combo would not be special if not for an exciting blend of chili flakes, black pepper, cayenne pepper and, of course, smoky paprika.

Lobster Tail, Shrimp and Sausage

A star attraction of the Juicy seafood menu in Antioch is the seafood combo of lobster tail, shrimp and sausage. The plate is an explosive realm of wide-ranging flavors and exciting sensations.

The lobster tail is prepared the Juicy way. The tail being the sweeter and meatier version of the shrimp, it is peppered with just the right amount of traditional Cajun seasoning. It is vital to note that a slight misstep is enough to ruin the dish. Lobster tails need careful handling. Served in big chunks, a perfect lobster tail signifies professional finesse.

Authentic Cajun seafood is known for its oceanic feel. The best shrimp has hints of a subtle oceanic flavor. Here comes the Juicy twist. A sprinkling of salt combined with spicy seasoning plays flawlessly alongside the mild ocean flavor.

You can pair your seafood combo with your favorite beverage and enjoy an authentic Cajun experience. The combos are also very reasonably priced.