Explore the Distinctive Flavor Profile of Snow Crab Legs and Clams at Juicy Seafood Antioch

snow crab in Antioch

What makes snow crab legs and clams at Juicy a favorite cannot be pinned down to a single reason. It is the result of experience and calculation mixed with a keen grasp on flavors. At one of the finest seafood restaurants in Antioch, the pleasure of eating snow crab legs is tripled. Moreover, snow crab legs prepared the Juicy way makes for more than sweet, mild and delicate flavors.

Exquisitely Seasoned Snow Crab Legs

Seasoning plays a crucial role in the case of snow crab legs. While seasoning the shells and meat is important, most people leave it at that. However, our chefs season the cooking water too.

The purpose of seasoning the cooking water is to deepen the flavor of the meat. Some of the ingredients used are paprika, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, oregano and thyme. The last two ingredients bring a peculiar herbal tinge to the dish, which is a Juicy favorite. The result is a fascinating explosion of conflicting tastes. Paired with corn and potato, it is a foodie’s delight.

The degree of seasoning contributes to the nutritive gradient of snow crab legs. It is particularly so in the case of steamed snow crab legs which retain a greater portion of their nutrients.

Tempting Clams with Corn and Potato

Another Juicy Seafood highlight is clams. Their slightly fish-like and slightly tough texture plays wonderfully alongside corn and potato. It is all thanks to our chefs’ impressive style of cooking.

Juicy chefs are very particular with picking the finest, freshest clams. Their method of identifying the freshness of a clam is scrubbing it with a brush under running water. Clams which come apart easily are discarded. Next, the clams are cleaned and soaked in salt water.

Juicy chefs pay special attention to details, which is why, besides offering the best snow crab in Antioch, we bring the tastiest clams to the table. The larger the clams, the tougher will the meat be. Therefore, our chefs pick the smallest clams for cooking. The meat then is tender and juicy.

It is somewhat tricky to cook clams. In the case of overcooking or undercooking, the meat tends to feel unimaginably chewy, almost like leather. Therefore, perfectly cooked clams are a badge of skillful preparation. At Juicy Seafood, you should expect nothing less.